Covid-19 Lockdown Update

Due to the lockdown all Provenance Masterclasses have been put on hold for the indefinite future. We will resume the masterclasses when we feel it is a safe time to do so. 

We will be sure to update this page when we have more news. For those who have booked a masterclass from March and have not attended due to lockdown we will give you priority to book when the new dates are confirmed. 

We are happy to extend the validity date of the vouchers by six months.

Thank you

The Provenance Team


Whether you are confident in your skills or would simply like to be able to carve the family turkey with precision this Christmas, a masterclass from the award winning team at Provenance is what you need.

Not for the fainthearted our masterclasses are comprised of a breakdown demonstration of a carcass with running descriptions of cut location and portioning. This is then  swiftly followed by the students rolling up their sleeves and prepping their own piece before enjoying a meal.

The results of your butchery lesson are yours to be taken home to enjoy with family and friends, but seeing as it could be a  french trimmed fore rib of beef we understand if you want to hide it from others and keep it for your own pleasure... .

The class will focuses on either beef, lamb or pork and is limited to just six students so that the butchers are able to give you their undivided attention. The cost per person is £135.

For more information and to book a space/buy a voucher please call us on 020 7229 8814 or shoot through an email to If you are buying the class as a gift please let us know and we will provide you with masterclass vouchers.

Please note that our masterclasses take place at our Notting Hill shop. They start at 7:30pm and run until roughly 10pm.

Masterclass Availability:

Please note - If there is no subject matter allocated to the date, the first person to book can choose which class to do.


2020 Dates:


FULL - 25th February - Beef

FULL - 10th March - Pork

Three places remaining - 7th April - Beef

21st April

FULL - 5th May

Two places remaining - 19th May - Beef 

2nd June

23rd June


check us out on the Evening Standard's list of 'Best Foodie Masterclasses' here:


The experience: Personable, enthusiastic young cleaver-wielders Ben and Struan “broke down” the entire carcass of a large Yorkshire lamb, giving each of the six guests a turn at a bit of it - I got to saw its ribs apart - in this smart new butcher’s tailor made for monied Notting Hill. Fun, informative (about knife skills as well as anatomy) and properly useful.  



Pork Masterclass

Hock, leg, pork chops, ribs...the possibilities are endless when it comes to pork and our masterclass will teach you how to get the most out of your cuts. From tips on how to marinate ribs, to creating stocks for soups and stews we cover all the basics and more. During this masterclass you will learn how to cut a whole carcass and gain in depth knowledge of how to get the most out of each section before tackling a piece yourself. 

Beef Masterclass 

Our grass fed Beef is naturally reared locally by Yorkshire suppliers Taste Tradition while our Wagyu beef is sourced from New Zealand pastures.  In this masterclass everyone will get their chance to cut from a carcass as we talk you through the benefits of each cut from sirloin, rib to rump. From tips for the perfect steak to a slow cooked Sunday roast you’ll understand how to ensure the meat stays tender and which cuts are the best to cook as we move through the seasons. You’ll also learn how to French trim, chine and prepare a rib roast.

Lamb Masterclass

Roasted on the bone or slow cooked in a stew, lamb is incredibly versatile and fits into every season. Our Cambrian Mountain Lamb is reared using the Hafod a Hendre system which yields exceptionally flavoursome sweet meat. We will explain this process to you as we break down an entire lamb in the masterclass and teach you how to make the most out of each section. We’ll show you how to cut each portion of lamb and illustrate the importance of portion size. Individually you’ll then be given a leg to bone out and butterfly and you’ll get to take your cuts home from the class.  


Terms & Conditions: 

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