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We have launched a new delivery site to make shopping and paying for your delivery order quick and easy!


to make your delivery orders moving forward.


Please note: We will no longer process delivery orders via the email address. Only orders made on our website will be honoured.


Same day delivery for orders received before 10.00am (excl Sun)

We deliver to the following post codes only:

W1-W14, WC1-WC2

NW1-NW14, N1

SW1-SW11, SW15, SW18



When will you receive your order?

We don't have delivery slots, our deliveries are made between 8am and 6pm. If you have specific instructions for your delivery, you can provide this when you get to the checkout page.

Minimum spend/Delivery charge

Minimum online order is £30.00.
Free delivery for orders of £50.00 and above - £5.00 delivery fee will be added otherwise.



General information and Contact

For all up to date information about our opening hours, changes relating to the deliveries function and COVID-19, please check our website: or follow us on instagram: @provenancebutcher or you can email


NHS workers and family

During the current COVID-19 Pandemic, we are offering 25% off all order from workers or families of those working within the NHS. We will also be prioritising all of these orders both in-store and on delivery queues. Please make yourself known by providing the relevant staff ID, and we will take care of the rest





A5 Sakura Wagyu Rib Eye £299.99/kg
Firstlight Wagyu Rib Eye 7+  £139.99/kg
Firstlight Wagyu Rib Eye 5+  £64.99/kg
Beef Fillet £64.99/kg
Rib On Bone / Rib Roast  £29.99/kg
Rib Eye £39.99/kg
Sirloin £39.99/kg
Bavette £16.99/kg
Onglet £17.99/kg
Rump £26.99/kg
Topside £24.99/kg
Brisket £12.99/kg
Marinated Rump Steak £27.99/kg
Chuck Steak £14.99/kg
Shin Of Beef £10.99/kg
Short Ribs £12.99/kg
Oxtail £9.99/kg
Beef Cheeks £17.99/kg
Mince £14.99/kg


Lamb Leg £21.99/kg
Butterflied Lamb Leg £24.99/kg
Shoulder £15.99/kg
Boneless Shoulder £18.99/kg
Rack £32.99/kg
Cutlets £37.99/kg
Chops £22.99/kg
Neck Fillet £22.99/kg
Mince £12.99/kg
Lamb koftas £1.75 each


Bone In Shoulder £10.99/kg
Bone Out Shoulder £11.99/kg
Loin £14.99/kg
Belly £10.99/kg
Chops £12.99/kg
Tenderloin £16.99/kg
Ribs £8.99/kg
Collar  £15.99/kg
Iberico Secreto £46.99/kg
Iberico Chops £39.99/kg
Smoked Back Bacon £16.99/kg
Unsmoked Back Bacon £16.99/kg
Smoked Streaky Bacon £16.49/kg


Whole Chicken £9.99/kg
Boneless Marinated Whole Chicken £18.99/kg
Breast £19.99/kg
Whole Leg £8.99/kg
Thigh £14.99/kg
Drumsticks £5.99/kg
Flat Iron Chicken £17.99/kg
Chicken Schnitzel £26.99/kg


Escalopes £32.99/kg
Chuck £14.99/kg
Topside £25.99/kg
Chops £29.99/kg
Osso Bucco £18.99/kg
Meatballs £1.75 each


Duck Confit (2 legs) £12.00 packet
Duck Breast (2 per pack) 32.99/kg
Duck Leg (2 per pack) 12.99/kg
Whole Duck 11.99/kg


Beef Burger Patties £2.99 each
Lamb Burger Patties £2.49 each
Maverick Burger Patties £2.99 each


Chicken Kebabs £21.99/kg
Beef Kebabs £39.99/kg
Lamb Kebabs £25.99/kg


Pork  £12.99/kg
Lamb £12.99/kg
Chicken £12.99/kg
Beef £12.99/kg


Serrano Ham £5.00 each
Alcubilla Ham £10.00 each
John Ross (pre packed) Salmon £4.49 each
John Ross (pre packed) Salmon £6.00 each


Beef £4.50 each (500ml)
Chicken £4.50 each (500ml)
Veal Jus £4.95 each (300ml)
Chicken Broth 250 g £4.99 each
Chicken Broth 500 g £8.99 each
Chicken Broth 1 litre  £14.99 each


Eggs £3.00 each (half dozen)
Sussex Valley Mayo's £4.50 each
Prarie Fire BBQ Sauce £6.00 each
Sauce Shop Ketchup/Sauces £3.99 each
Horseradish £3.75 each
McClures Pickles £9.00 each
Savoursmiths Crisps £2.99 each
Pork Scratchings £2.00 each


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